Qualities of a good resume In the IT industry

Qualities of a good resume In the IT industry

Hey, here we are again discussing about some prime qualities of resume writing with active youngsters like you. Let's hope that the following insights we share are going to be big deal in your journey to career enhancement.

Being easier to scan

Keeping it short and simple is key to understanding. Why would a complete stranger focus on your resume if it looks like a mess of lines? Want to know how to make it easily scannable and inform the required details perfectly Let's see the most important tips for resume preparation as follows

Using a reverse chronological date order

Always list your recent experience at the top, If you're a recent graduate starts with the latest one at the top. Entering them in this specific order will help you to highlight your last held position. Most recruiters consider this to be a relevant comparison as a number one hiring factor If that's the case, why not give that first to get the recruiter's attention from the very beginning? Using bold texts form important pieces of information For instance - Information that goes with the job description of the job you applying like the tech stack, tools, sets of unique skills… When that's done, its time to focus on the content using perfectly matching action verbs

Customizing Your Resume

Note out your key responsibilities in the role that you are applying for and make sure you do this while reading the job description. Make use of the important keywords and compare them with your past experience. List everything that matches using bullet points.

, For instance, - If the job description was

Designing and developing projects internally like developing applications and migrations Debugging code for previously existing programs based on the timely requirement Implement systems in a self-production environment Communication with design requirements for projects in meetings This is the format for an effective resume, which will secure a job for sure

The applicant has developed around 8 projects in one year Worked along with project meetings with the design and data teams. He/ She is capable of reviewing and debugging code for internally developed programs. Result-oriented resume representation

People usually create their job resume completely focused on their task performance, These task-oriented resumes have a certain drawback. It's like there are usually lists that outline general tasks for every person in that position. So, mentioning things that you are responsible for or things you used to do will not provide people with any useful information. It's always better to portray your results and accomplishments, by making it easier for employers to see.

Getting it to recruiters

This section is additional information about how to make to resume reach to effective hands. All the effort you poured into creating a resume serves no productive purpose. If It does not reach the right person. Make yourself visible and active to get your resume reviewed by people who involve themselves in the hiring process on a daily basis. Create a network of people who can actually help you get hired. Make your Linkedin and other social media filled with prominent contacts,

How do you think I manage to get every single one of my trainees placed around jobs with 5 to 20 LPA. All by establishing a wide range of network circles around the country with potential hiring managers from the leading companies, who are always thirsty for including new talents into their corporate hierarchy.